Square Welded Reinforcing Mesh

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reo mesh square.jpg

Square Welded Reinforcing Mesh


Reinforcing mesh is made up of ribbed reinforcing bars, welded together into a square grid pattern to form a flat sheet. The mesh (commonly referred to as reo mesh or concrete mesh) provides tensile strength to concrete and helps prevent cracking.The most common mesh sheet size in Australia is 6m long x 2.4m wide.

Safari stocks large quantities of the following sizes of reinforcing mesh, from smallest to largest: SL53, SL52, SL63, SL62, SL72, SL82, SL92, SL102, SL81. The first number in the mesh name refers to the diameter of the bar, and the second number refers to the spacing distance between bars. For instance, SL62 mesh is made from 6mm wire, and has a 200mm spacing between the wires. The correct mesh size to use in a slab will generally be specified by the engineer, depending on the subsoil, strength requirements and slab thickness.

From small driveways to 30,000m2 warehouses and everything in between, Safari has the mesh you need to get the job done. We keep large tonnages of ACRS accredited mesh in stock at all times, including square, rectangular and trench mesh. We have our own fleet of delivery trucks that cover metro Perth and country WA, guaranteeing rapid delivery and outstanding service. Alternatively you can pick up from our yard in Canning Vale.

  • General purpose mesh used for reinforcing flat surfaces such as floor slabs and walls

  • Sold in standard 6m x 2.4m sheet sizes

  • SL53 and SL63 sold in 6m x 2.3m sheets

  • Available for pickup or delivery to your site (charges apply)

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