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Armourseal Concrete Sealers

More than 500,000 M2 of concrete sealed…literally! Developed exclusively by Safari Group through more than a decade of experience & research,
the Armourseal range of decorative sealers is Australia’s deluxe choice for sealing concrete & stone surfaces.

Safari Group is a genuine specialist in concrete sealers, open to the public with competitive trade prices and massive stocks, we can guarantee we’ll have what you need for your project. Pickup from our trade outlet or let us organise delivery to your site anywhere in Australia.


Including acrylic solvent based, water-based, silicone penetrating and Epoxy sealers, the Armourseal range covers every application and need. Our sealers are hard wearing, stain resistant, environmentally responsible and are capable of achieving a wide variety of finishes - from natural, to enhanced and gloss finishes.

Our customers range from professional applicators who seal 1000’s of m2 per week, to DIY users who want to brighten up their driveway. Different surfaces require different coatings, and different customers have different needs. Do you require protection from oil spills? Or do you need protection from salt attack around a pool? Maybe you want a natural look sealer that is easy to apply? Talk to our experts today to get the best advice or your project.

With our unwavering focus on quality, we’re committed to fulfilling our Armourseal tagline – ‘Protecting your concrete with a seal of Armour!’

Our range is summarised below – click on the picture for more information on each range:


Our solvent based sealers provide a hard-wearing and beautiful coating to concrete and stone surfaces. Blended from the finest polymers and acrylics to precise standards, Armourseal solvent based sealers will enhance and protect your concrete for many years.

Highly popular for decorative concrete such as exposed aggregate and honed concrete, our comprehensive solvent based range includes a High Gloss, Medium Gloss and a Matt Finish.

• Armourseal High Gloss

• Armourseal Medium Gloss

• Armourseal Matt Finish

• Armourseal Same Day Sealer



Our tinted sealer is a game-changing sealer that can transform the look of your new or existing concrete. Armourseal coloured sealers are made using the finest German polymers and blended in Australia, producing a highly-durable, UV stable product.

Available in a broad range of colours for use in various applications including standard finish concrete, paving and liquid limestone.


Armourseal Water-based Sealer is a natural look, easy to use sealer that provides exceptional protection on concrete and stone surfaces. It is environmentally friendly, vehicle trafficable and will protect against ‘hot tyre’ pickup, making it an ideal waterbased sealer for use on driveways.

It is a ‘cross-linking’ sealer,which means it will bond extremely well to the substrate and to itself, giving a tough and flexible coating with sensational performance. The Armourseal Waterbased sealer also incorporates ‘Core-shell Technology’, meaning the surface is hard, yet flexible.

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Armourseal 101 sealer is an effective water based liquid repellent, which when applied correctly can last for up to 5 years. The silicon formulation in Armourseal 101 resists mould and efflorescence by creating a water resistant natural finish. Armourseal 101 penetrates the surface of the stone leaving a natural finish and long lasting protection from light stains. This product is used extensively for the sealing of concrete, reconstituted limestone, brick walls, retaining walls and alike.



We have a comprehensive range of accessories to suit all your application needs, including anti-slip powder, hydrochloric acid for prepping the concrete, and rollers and other application accessories. We even have a powerful sealer stripper chemical, just in case you seal something you didn’t mean to!

• Armourseal Anti-slip Powder

• Armourseal Thinners

• Armourseal Sealer Stripper

• Armourseal Acid

• Sealer rollers

• Sealer Sprayers