4mm Flexiform Plastic Formwork

4mm Superflex formwork.jpg
4mm Superflex formwork.jpg

4mm Flexiform Plastic Formwork


4mm Plastic Flexiform is a super-flexible plastic formwork system used for forming tight curves and circles. Made from tough and lightweight plastic, this formwork is perfect for circles as small as 500mm diameter and can be re-used countless times.

Available in 100mm or 150mm widths @ 4m long, at super competitive prices, Flexiform plastic formwork by Safari Group is a must-have part of the kit for any concreter or formworker!

  • Lightweight and re-usable

  • Better value than steel alternatives

  • Perfect for kerbing and decorative concrete jobs

  • Makes forming very tight curves a breeze

  • Available in 100mm or 150mm widths @ 4m long

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