ArmourSeal Same Day Acrylic Sealer

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ArmourSeal Same Day Acrylic Sealer



Armourseal Same Day Sealer is a clear solvent based acrylic coating formulated to protect decorative and non-decorative concrete surfaces requiring protection on the same day it is laid.

Armourseal Same Day Seal is extensively used on fresh concrete and has been specially formulated to protect against oil, grease, dirt, foreign objects and water on freshly laid concrete without trapping moisture. This leaves a clear, un-clouded coating on the substrate and is an excellent primer coat for Pattern, Stencil and Coloured concrete.

After this, it is recommended you apply at least one overcoat of “Armourseal High Gloss” or “Armourseal Medium Gloss” on the following days once dry. Usually 2-3 days. It can be applied as a finish coat on surfaces such as garden edging where traffic will be nil.

Applying ‘Armourseal Same Day Sealer’ to freshly laid (same day) concrete surfaces will assist in enhancing, protecting and greatly reducing the incidence of efflorescence while giving immediate protection against staining.

Armourseal Same Day Seal covers 3 – 4m2 per litre, per coat, depending on porosity of substrate.

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1. All surface moisture must not be present in the slab.

2. Do not apply in excessively hot or cold parts of the day.

3. If applying to “laid same day” concrete, an airless sprayer is the best way to apply the coating to avoid damage/marking. If the substrate has dried sufficiently to ‘get on’ the same day, a lambswool roller or solvent resistant broom is recommended.

4. 1st coat should be thinned at a ratio of 1 part solvent to 3 parts sealer. Evenly spread the product to the surface while avoiding pooling. When applying two coats, allow sufficient time for the first coat to dry prior to second application.

Curing depends on temperature. This sealer is usually touch dry within half an hour. Leave 2 hours between coats. Allow 7 days before driving on.

A slip resistant additive is recommended for sloping surfaces and smooth surfaces likely to become wet from time to time. Armourseal Anti Slip beads should be added to subsequent coats of “Armourseal High Gloss”, “Armourseal Medium Gloss” or “Armourseal Matt Finish”.

Make sure there is good ventilation by opening windows, doors and providing extra air circulation where available. If product comes into contact with skin, wash off immediately before product dries. During application wear gloves, safety glasses and proper breathing apparatus (gas vapour specific filters).

If swallowed contact a Doctor or Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26 DO NOT INDUCE VOMITTING. Drink water. If product comes into contact with eyes, gently flush with running water, holding eyelids open for 15 mins. Seek medical attention.

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