ArmourSeal Matt Finish Sealer

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ArmourSeal Matt Finish Sealer


ArmourSeal Matt Finish is a high solid, clear concrete coating formulated to enhance and protect decorative and non-decorative concrete surfaces.

Mainly used for the sealing of Exposed Aggregate, Limestone, Pattern Concrete and most types of paving, in order to help protect against dirt, mould, oil, petrol, tyre marks and other visible build up. ArmourSeal Matt Finish is a low sheen sealer suitable for application around salt and chlorinated pools. ArmourSeal Matt Finish is recommended for external uses only due to odour.

All surfaces need to be completely clean and free of all debris and foreign matter prior to sealing. Pressure cleaning is advisable as the first coat is the ‘key’ for the over coat and needs to penetrate a clean surface for good adhesion. Once the surface is cleaned the concrete must be allowed to completely dry. This usually takes a few days of good weather. You shouldn’t see any moisture bleed coming from control cuts or sides of the area or any visible moisture tones from retic etc. If this is the case DO NOT PROCEED.

ArmourSeal Matt Finish covers 4-5m2 per litre, per coat. One 20L tin is sufficient for 2 coats to 50m2 or one coat to 100m2. Please note this varies depending on the porosity of the surface being sealed.

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It is recommended you perform a test on a small area before full application, to test desired effect.

Application is best achieved by rolling using a lambswool (solvent resistant) cover. A 230mm cover and frame is recommended for best control. Solvent resistant soft brooms are also effective. An airless sprayer is also recommended when used by an experienced applicator.

1st coat should be thinned at a ratio of 1L of “xylene thinners” per 5L of ArmourSeal Matt Finish. Only proper thinners should be used. 2nd coat can be applied neat or thinned depending on required gloss level. Apply 2nd coat in the opposite direction to 1st coat.

Do not apply in the heat of the day (over 35 and under 10). This may lead to accelerated curing which can then lead to a light and dark type appearance once dry. Cool mornings and afternoons are ideal application times, especially the first coat. Do not apply if rain is imminent.

A minimum of 2 hours should be allowed between coats prior to applying the second coat.

A slip resistant additive is recommended for sloping surfaces and smooth surfaces likely to become wet from time to time. ArmourSeal Matt Finish does reduce the rolling resistance of surfaces it is applied to and adding our slip resistant additive will create more traction where this is the case.

Once finished the coating will take approx 30 minutes to be “touch dry”. Allow two hours after this before you walk on the coating and allow 48 hours prior to driving on.

The lifespan of the coating is dependant on traffic. The coating will wear faster in high traffic areas as opposed to light traffic. Some coatings will last for 5 years whereas the lifespan in other situations will be a lot shorter. Giving the area a light pressure wash or mild scrub from time to time will not damage the coating. Nothing stronger than dishwashing detergent should be used to clean the coating.

Make sure there is good ventilation by opening windows, doors and providing extra air circulation where available. If product comes into contact with skin, wash off immediately before product dries. During application wear gloves, safety glasses and proper breathing apparatus (gas vapour specific filters).

If swallowed contact a Doctor or Poisons Information Centre on 131126.

Drink water. If product comes into contact with eyes, gently flush with running water, holding eyelids open for 15 mins. Seek medical attention.

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