ArmourSeal High Gloss Concrete Sealer

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SLCS1000 - Armourseal High Gloss(small).jpg
SLCS1000 - Armourseal High Gloss Bulk (2).jpg

ArmourSeal High Gloss Concrete Sealer


Armourseal High Gloss Sealer is a premium, high-solids solvent based sealer that provides a glossy and hard-wearing coating to concrete and stone surfaces. Blended from the finest polymers and acrylics to precise standards, Safari’s own brand High Gloss will enhance and protect your concrete for many years.

Armourseal High Gloss is mainly used for the sealing of exposed aggregate, liquid limestone, patterned concrete and pavers, and will protect against dirt, mould, oil, petrol, tyre marks and other stains.

It is a ‘wet-look’ sealer and is suitable for use around salt and chlorinated pools.

  • A premium solvent-based sealer with a glossy finish

  • Ideal for decorative concrete and exposed aggregate

  • Also great for sealing pavers, liquid limestone, patterned concrete or any surface needing a glossy, easy-to-clean protective coating.

  • Minimum 26% solids

  • Sold in 20L drums

  • Bulk quantities can also be arranged


Why should I seal my concrete?

  • Concrete is a porous material that readily absorbs liquids

  • Unsealed concrete areas will absorb most liquids they come into contact with such as oil, wine, bore water and household chemicals

  • When liquids spill onto an unsealed surface, the surface will stain and look unattractive

  • Sealing your concrete areas with a quality sealer such as Armourseal High Gloss will extend the life of your concrete and keep it looking good for many years

  • Sealing will improve appearance and kerb appeal

  • It will add value to your home or outdoor area

  • Sealing is fairly inexpensive and easy to do

  • It reduces spalling, flaking, and cracking

  • Quality sealers such as the Armourseal range are mould and mildew-resistant

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