Armourseal 101 Penetrating Sealer

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Armourseal 101 Penetrating Sealer


Armourseal 101 sealer is an effective water based liquid repellent, which when applied correctly can last for up to 5 years. The silicon formulation in Armourseal 101 resists mould and efflorescence by creating a water resistant natural finish.

Armourseal 101 penetrates the surface of the substrate leaving a natural finish and long lasting protection from light stains, salt and UV light. This product is used extensively for the sealing of concrete, reconstituted limestone, brick walls, retaining walls, clay pavers and alike.

Platinum 101 Sealer is supplied in 20L drums, and is a one-coat only sealer. DO NOT apply a second coat unless the substrate is extremely porous and you are confident more sealer is needed, as excess sealer can leave tacky residue on the surface. Coverage varies significantly depending on the porosity of the substrate, but a rough guide is a 20L drum covers approx 100 - 120m2 (single coat).

Application is best performed using a garden sprayer or airless sprayer, but a lambswool roller application is also suitable.

It is recommended you perform a test on a small area before full application, to test desired effect.

  • Completely natural look sealer

  • Waterbased and non-flammable

  • Easy to apply

  • Suitable for dense surfaces

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