Renderoc HB40

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GRCP1030 - Renderoc HB40.jpg

Renderoc HB40


Renderoc HB40 has been designed for the reinstatement of large areas of reinforced concrete where high compressive strengths and low permeability characteristics are required.

Renderoc HB40 is also used as a repair mortar for columns and beams but, because of it’s relatively low fresh wet density, is also suitable for soffits and other overhead work.


  • High-performance patch repair mortar.

  • Frequently obviates the need for formwork.

  • Supplied as a ready-to-use blend of dry powder.

  • Can be wet sprayed.

  • Just add clean water at site.

  • Compatible with concrete 30-45 MPA.

  • Sold in 20kg bags.

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