Trench Mesh Saddle

RABC5000 - Trench Mesh Saddle4.jpg
RABC5000 - Trench Mesh Saddle4.jpg

Trench Mesh Saddle


Trench Mesh Saddles are sturdy and durable and ideal for supporting reinforcing trench mesh when poring concrete.

Trench Mesh Saddles have a click on system, which makes it very simple to clip in your trench mesh and not have any unwanted movement.


  • Clip at both sides allows the support to be fitted prior to lowering mesh into a trench

  • Midway non clip-on support allows for tolerances in the main wire spacing of the trench mesh

  • Maximum width of 290mm avoids interference with the sides of narrow trenches

  • Accommodates 8mm, 11mm, and 12mm bar or mesh, with 60mm cover

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