Lockjoint PVC Keyjoint

JTLJ1000 to 1050 - Lockjoint2.jpg
JTLJ1000 to 1050 - Lockjoint2.jpg

Lockjoint PVC Keyjoint

  • Lightweight PVC jointing solution to create a keyed contraction joint, finished off with a clean rubber strip
  • Gives joins better load-bearing properties by virtue of its design in distributing weight
  • Ideal for footpaths, cycleways, driveways, large pavement areas, carparks and all types of concrete flooring
  • Lengths available from 1.5m to 6m, in any increment

Advantages of Lock Joint™

  • Very easy to install
  • Easy to handle: Made of rigid PVC, cuts easily with a hacksaw. No sharp metal edges to cause injury.
  • Greatly reduces path maintenance costs
  • Smoother finish on all jobs
  • Helps prevent lifting around trees, etc
  • Helps prevent sinking of concrete panels
  • Rubber cap (registered design) seals the top of the joint, preventing dust and sand from entering the joint, inhibiting weed growth.
  • Rubber cap is permanently fixed to the top of the joint so it won’t come off during the concrete pour
  • Rubber cap is available in sandstone, terracotta, grey, cream and black to blend with coloured concrete finishes
  • Articulating, interlocking Lock Joint™ helps prevent one panel from lifting above the other
  • Its unique curved joint locks two concrete panels together resulting in a more even distribution of weight


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