Foamjoint (Not Adhesive)

JTF1110 - 100mm Expansion Joint Plain(small).jpg
JTF1110 - 100mm Expansion Joint Plain(small).jpg

Foamjoint (Not Adhesive)


Foam Joint Also known as Ableflex is a closed cell polyethylene joint filler used as an expansion joint filler in concrete, brick, blockwork, isolation joints and hinge joints.

Foam Joint Also goes by the name Jointflex and is available in a wide range of widths and thicknesses to suit common applications and can be pre-slit to assist in forming a slot to accept joint sealants.


  • 100% polyethylene foam

  • Non-absorbent

  • Closed-cell, flexible, lightweight

  • Designed for expansion joints and void filling

  • Includes a 10mm rip-off strip which can be removed after a pour to leave a clean area ready for filling with sealant

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