Height Pins

FWFP1040 Height Pin 50mm.jpg
FWFP1040 Height Pin 50mm.jpg

Height Pins


Safari Height Pins are used by concreters as a datum point to accurately screed a slab to the correct height. The pins are placed throughout the area to be concreted beforehand, and set to the correct height using a laser level. The concreter then simply screeds the concrete to the exact height of the horizontal leg of the pin, ensuring the slab is dead level at regular intervals. The height pins (also known as dumpy pins or formwork pins) are then pulled out of the concrete while it is still wet, and the residual hole troweled in, leaving no penetration in the concrete.

The pins are powdercoated bright red, making them very easy to see while concreting. The versatile pins are also used around the edge of the slab to hold the formwork boards in place. Available in 3 common sizes, we also make custom sizes on request. Talk to our friendly team about your requirements today!

  • Powder-coated

  • Durable

  • Easy to use

  • Highly-visible on any job site

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