Soff-Cut Blades

CUDB6000 to 6020 - Soffcut Blade.jpg
CUDB6000 to 6020 - Soffcut Blade.jpg

Soff-Cut Blades


The Husqvarna Soff Cut Diamond Blades are specifically designed for early entry sawing, enabling safe and efficient cutting of joints in concrete slabs before the concrete has cured to full hardness.

With a specially designed shaft hole and skid plate, the Soff Cut blades only fit the Husqvarna range of Soff Cut saws.

Cutting the concrete on the same day it is poured ensures easy cutting without any chipping or spalling occuring.

The blades come in three different colours depending on the hardness of the concrete and the time elapsed from pour to cutting.

  • 6" blades for a range of concrete types

  • Each blade comes with a new skid plate

  • Available in purple, red or grey

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