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T-Flex Concrete Vibration Equipment

Vibrating freshly poured concrete removes air pockets and bubbles, making the finished job stronger by reducing the risk of honeycombing and structural defects.  Required on any significant job as a crucial stage in pouring concrete, the end quality can still vary greatly depending on the quality of tools being used.

Safari are now exclusive distributors of the T-Flex concrete vibration tools range which has a focus on delivering a premium product at competitive pricing whilst keeping at the cutting edge of technology for comfort and quality.  The T-Flex vibration poker range is a comprehensive one, with both diesel and traditional petrol poker vibers as well as the recently released electric variant which is becoming the new force in internal concrete compaction. 

The T-Flex brand covers a broad range of concrete vibration applications, working with any concrete consistency and every formwork size and type.  Read more information below, or in our downloadable brochure here.



Powerful, light-weight and efficient. The portable "Flex-Vibe" concrete vibe is perfect for slabs, stairways, footings and footpaths, coming fitted with a standard 44mm head and an ergonomically designed soft handle and shoulder strap.  Backed up by 12 month warranty.

This "whipper-snipper" style concrete vibrator is powered by the reliable 1.5hp Honda GX35 four-stroke engine for reduced emissions and reduced fuel consumption.

Also available fitted with a resilient soft polyurethane tip for effective and safe finishing close up against formwork, this concrete vibe is a must-have for every concreter.


All T-FLEX drive units are genuine Australian models.  Both Honda GX200 (6.5hp) petrol and Yanmar L48N5 (4.2hp) diesel models are available – backed by a 3 year Honda Australia warranty or a 2 year Yanmar Australia warranty. 

T-FLEX power units are compatible with concrete vibrator shafts and shaft driven pumps from all manufacturers. Each drive unit comes with an Australian standard 3-tooth coupling, and features a protective roll frame and sled steel base for easy dragging across reinforcing mesh.

If you require a heavy duty petrol or diesel concrete vibrator or trash pump this is the place to start!


The M-Series concrete vibrator shafts offer a classic and familiar design, featuring Australian standard 3-tooth couplings that are compatible with drive units from all makers and backed up by 12 month warranty.

These Vibrating needles (commonly known as vibe shafts) are available in a variety of diameters (from 28mm to 60mm) and lengths (from 6m to 12m long) to suit any job.

The 45mm and 60mm vibe shafts both have the option of being fitted with soft polyurethane tips which extend the life of form boards and improves the quality and appearance of off-the-form finishes.


The E Series electric concrete vibrator shafts generate more torque than traditional vibration equipment, and are highly portable due to their low weight. With an in-built electric motor, they require no separate drive unit and simply plug into a normal power wall socket or generator.

The E series vibe shafts emit no harmful fumes and emit far less noise than petrol or diesel models.

See our brochure for a full information sheet   







Our flexible shaft driven pumps are highly portable and are used in a variety of applications. Fitted with a standard 3-pin coupling, you simply plug the shaft into a standard petrol or diesel drive unit, connect a lay-flat hose to the pump and lower the pump head into the water.

With a heavy duty 6 meter length shaft, they are highly portable and suitable for any work site.