Safecure AA Finishing Aid

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Safecure AA Finishing Aid


SafeCure AA Finishing Aid is a premium quality, low-viscosity aliphatic alcohol blend in aqueous solution. It reduces early surface crusting and plastic shrinkage cracking by reducing surface moisture evaporation by up to 80%, making for even better results with less work and less stress.

SafeCure AA is extremely popular for use in summer right across Australia, and is used all-year round in high heat areas such as the mining regions in the north of Western Australia. It significantly improves concrete surface strength, abrasion resistance and durability by holding in the critical mix water necessary to ensure proper cement hydration, while preventing the formation of moisture envelopes which result in surface spalls.

SafeCure AA is applied to freshly-placed concrete surfaces to reduce water evaporation during the critical ‘finishing’ period, particularly in adverse weather conditions such as high temperatures and winds and low humidity.

Using Safecure AA allows the concrete to continue to be workable for a longer period by delaying any surface crusting over in windy and hot conditions. It gives the concrete a creamy feel under the trowel, making finishing easier without altering the concrete durability or strength.

When diluted correctly, One 20L drum of Safecure AA covers approximately 1000m2 of concrete, and can equate to a cost as low as $0.10 per square metre, making it an easy choice to use on your next project.

  • An aliphatic alcohol compound to aid concrete finishing in hot, windy weather by delaying the evaporation of moisture

  • Safecure AA is not a curing compound but can greatly enhance concrete finishing in adverse conditions

  • Sold as a concentrate designed to be diluted 1:9

  • Easily applied by spraying

  • One 20L drum ensures 200L of product and allows coverage of around 1000sqm

  • Safecure AA is also available in 200L drums


Why should I use a finishing aid? 

  • A finishing aid can reduce surface moisture evaporation by up to 80%

  • It can reduce wind crusting, plastic shrinkage cracking and the formation of moisture envelopes that cause surface spalls

  • It can significantly improve concrete surface strength, abrasion-resistance and durability by holding in the critical mix water necessary to ensure proper cement hydration


Shake SafeCure AA and mix at a rate of one part SafeCure AA to nine parts water (1:9). Apply the dilution by spray at a rate of 1L/5m² - when correctly diluted a 20L drum will cover around 1000m2. Fugitive green dye will disappear within a few hours of application. In extreme weather, re-application may be required. Do not over-apply. SafeCure AA is not a curing compound. Concrete surfaces should be cured according to AS3600, using a curing compound that complies with AS3799 (90% min curing efficiency).

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