Safecure 6000 Curing Compound


Safecure 6000 Curing Compound


Safecure 6000 is an environmental liquid Membrane compound manufactured for use on concrete Road and Highway Construction. Safecure 6000 is the first of its kind and a unique curing compound that does not contain hydrocarbons like resins and mineral spirits.

Safecure 6000 has been proven to have better performance than the traditional hydrocarbon-based curing compounds. Safecure 6000 was formulated specifically for State, Federal and Municipal highway and airport paving projects but can be used anywhere that requires moisture retention of the concrete.

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• Totally water based

• Complies to TXDOT-DMS-10

• Single component

• Reduces plastic shrinkage

• Environmentally friendly

• Can be applied by brush, roller or spray

• Will not yellow in sunlight

• Eliminates the need for curing by ponded water, damp hessian or plastic sheeting

• Water wash up

• Accepts most after trades

• No solvents, hydrocarbons or resins of any type

• No wax or wax-based additives

• No odour before or after application

• No staining of clothing or equipment

• No “sticky” residue

• No environmental problems from residue waste or spillage

• No “health” issues for personnel

• No adhesion problems with after rades

• No discoloration of the concrete surface

• No blockage of spray equipment


Safecure 6000 can be applied as soon as the bleed water has evaporated and the concrete surface is hard enough to not be marked during the application process. Best applied by spray but roller and brush application is also suitable for small areas. After 28 days Safecure 6000 oxidises and turns to dust. The dust residue can then be swept, washed or vacuumed off to leave a surface suitable for after trades. This dust DOES NOT have any adverse health or environmental issues. Wash equipment immediately after use with water.