Heavy-duty Steel Barrow

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MHWB1005 TMP Heavy Duty Barrow.jpg

Heavy-duty Steel Barrow


Safari Group’s heavy duty wheelbarrow is one of the best quality barrows available on the market. With extra-thick tray and frame steel, this barrow will stand the test of time on the roughest jobs. Our heavy duty barrow is extremely popular for the harsh conditions in the concrete and building industry.

The Heavy-Duty Steel Barrow is made from a heavy duty steel which allows for bricks, tiles, pavers and most building materials to be carted around with minimal damage to your wheel barrow. It has an extra wide front wheel to provide more stability when moving through boggy sand.

All our barrows are also available in flat-free wheels! Ideal for sites where the ground may be scattered with nails, screws or other sharp objects, you will never need to worry about a puncture again!

We also offer all our barrows with double wheels, which are ideal for heavy loads or extremely boggy sites.


  • For carrying bricks, tiles, pavers and other building materials

  • Extra heavy-duty steel powder-coated tray, frame and handles with grips

  • Moulded shock board

  • Heavy-duty nose with crane lifting hook

  • Under-tray supports

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