Conbextra Deep Pour

WB816.2 Conbextra Deep Pour-Bag Render.jpg
WB816.2 Conbextra Deep Pour-Bag Render.jpg

Conbextra Deep Pour


Conbextra Deep Pour is a shrinkage compensated cementitious precision grout for grouting gap applications ranging from 20mm up to 500mm in thickness. In addition the low water requirement ensures high early strength and long term durability.

Conbextra Deep Pour was formulated to minimise segregation and bleeding for deep grout pours.


  • Dual expansion system compensates for shrinkage in both plastic and hardened states.

  • Excellent initial flow and flow retention

  • High ultimate strength and low permeability ensures durability of the hardened grout.

  • Suitable for pumping or pouring over a large range of applications.

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